The sytem light APX100 was developed to deliver best light conditions for challenging workspaces. It contains out of extruded aluminum, which is CNC processed before anodization. In the body connectors and power supply are fully integrated, as well the mounting fixture to offer simply and flexible mounting possibilities for all profile-systems available on the market.

The used LED optics bundle the light in 90° angle and offers a perfect distributed light for workspaces, as well it reduces useless scattered light. Concerning Lumen-Output and power consumtpion we selected the very best and most modern LEDs available on the market. The robust semiconductor, as well the high efficient power supply units – both from well-known suppliers – offer highest possible efficiency rations in its classes and guarantee save and stable operation of the light. The light color of 5700K is responsible for conveniant and relaxed working environment. The selected acrylic glass shield provides a high light transmission including a glarefree grid, which offers a glarefreedom according to EN12464-7-b.  A Daisychain-cascading option makes it possible to combine multible units to one, what reduces the connection as well the purchasing costs.


  • for industrial and manual workspaces
  • simple and quick mounting
  • modular construction
  • economical in consumption
  • power cascading
  • for every situation the perfect light conditions

scope of delivery

  • light
  • manual

possible additional equipment

  • Wieland cable, different lengths
  • Wieland cable with open end
  • Wieland T-distributor
  • Wieland extension, different lengths
  • APX100 C-CP Aufhänge Kit
  • T-screw set
technical data
voltage100-305 VAC power supply
power consumption51W
frequency47-63 Hz
color temperature5700K
beam angle90°
light intensity4850 Lumen
consumption62 kWh / 1000h
dimensions45mm / 898mm / 145mm
body materialAluminium / PMMA

product namearticle numberdimmable