Scalar- Scientific proofed!

The Scalar is the first of a new horticultural exposure family specifically designed to expose challenging plants for long-lasting and efficient use. The spectrum of light has been selected according to the latest scientific findings, thus enabling maximum yields.

The Cree LED’s are the most modern and brightest LEDs on the market in plant exposure and bring the Scalar to top light levels with low energy consumption. The LEDs are also optimally cooled by the black anodised aluminum housing, which ensures a long and reliable operation.

The high-quality housing offers flexible options for vertical and horizontal mounting. This allows optimal planning and exposure of any requirements.

Keyfeatures of the light:

  • developed, build and produced in Austria
  • professional lighting
  • cooled passive
  • modular
  • newest Cree LED technology
  • usable for all grow phases
  • many different possibilities to mount
  • optimized artificial light spectrum for plants
  • homogen light distribution
  • aintenance free
  • vertical / horzontal to mount
  • passive high quality cooling
  • IP 54*
  • artificially developed and used
  • high efficient lighting

*LED Modul

Technical light data:
Emission wavelenght range:400-760nm
Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density (PPDF) 0,25m distance345 µmol/m²s
Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density (PPDF) 0,5m distance160 µmol/m²s
Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density (PPDF) 1,0m distance56 µmol/m²s
Systemeffizienz PPFD 0,25m distance2.83 µmol/m²s/W
Beam angle:90 Grad
Technical data
Weight of light:3,6 kg
typical power consumption:122W
Line input voltage range:85 ~ 264VAC 120 ~ 370VDC
Line power factor:PF>0.95 / 230VAC PF>0.98 / 115VAC
max. line input current:1A / 230VAC- 1.85A / 115VAC
internal operating voltage:24 Volt (SELV)
LED module protection class:

electrical connection excluded

max. environmental temperature for operation:5-40 °C
max. rel. humidity for operation:until 90% not condensing

In many regions, plants suffer from low natural light conditions during wintertime.
Scalar fixtures help to provide sufficient light
intensities or simply prolong the day during these times of year. Depending on the volume
of lights installed, the fixtures can be recommended for both photoperiodic applications (where they are the primary or only source of lighting) or as supplemental lighting.


A good light distribution in the canopies of
rising plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper or cut flowers is essential. A mix of top
lighting (natural sunlight or supplemental light source) and horizontal lighting is helpful
to avoid ‘dark spots’. The Scalar fixtures are perfectly designed to serve lower leaves with
the necessary amount of light without excessive and harmful heat generation.


Plant production under purely artificial light
conditions is challenging in many aspects. Scalar fixtures combine proper light intensities with balanced spectral characteristics for a number of valuable plant species. The flexible and modular system allows space saving installations close to the canopy. The IP 65 protection class for all parts allows for combining plant production systems and light fixtures in small spaces.


Plant lighting is more than boosting photosynthesis. Plants use light not only as an energy source but also as one of their main sources for environmental information. They react with many adaptations depending on the spectral composition of light in order to survive long term seasonal changes or even short term threats like competitors for resources. Knowing these effects is a powerful tool to induce desirable morphological adaptations.


Raising life from seeds or even from only a
handful of meristematic cells needs special
attention. Depending on the production
goal, we are setting the course for the whole
production chain. Scalar fixtures promote
healthy growth for these early stages without
overwhelming the young and sensitive plants.


Reaching maturity often results in massively
changed requirements on the plants. In particular, inducing flowering and the subsequent establishment of seeds puts a significant strain on plants. Beside plant nutrition, plant lighting is one of the key factors at this stage of growth. Therefore, we have designed our Scalar fixtures to effectively support favourable light conditions for maturing plants.

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