Discus – the new highend grow light

During the development of the Lumeolux Discus, special attention was paid to the quality of the materials used, the electronics and the control system. By customizing the light intensity and its composition, it is possible to use a variety of plant species in a very short time to make healthy and strong stocks. Plants are supported not only in their growth, but also in the formation of valuable color and ingredients. Despite high-productivity plant cultivation, the energy saving potential of using the Lumeolux Discus is considerable. The savings are not only the result of the use of high-performance LEDs of the latest generation, but are achieved to a large extent by the provision of a spectrum adapted to plant growth and a demand-driven control. This unique combination of technology and applied knowledge in one product allows for shorter breeding times and the highest quality of the harvested products while at the same time reducing the use of resources.
  • The design objective of the Lumeolux DISCUS was to develop a compact, handy LED light in the 300 watt class whose generated luminous flux is capable of replacing conventional sodium high-pressure lamps with a power consumption of 600 to 1,000 watts.
  • The Lumeolux Discus is the only LED light to grow plants with controlable UV-peaks.
  • The controlling of the LED-Light will be established via a modern and intuitive WLAN app
  • The aluminum body, which is extruded with a 5500 tonne press and is prduced from one piece, rovides four redundant cooling fans in the cooling ribs and is almost redundant for the necessary cooling of the LEDs and the control electronics.
  • The real-time monitroing of the board temperature, which automatically reduces the power of the luminaire at critical temperatures, increases operational safety and protects against premature performance degradation and hardware damage.

  • The polycarbonate attachments provide a perfect look and provide a quick jumpstart of the luminaire using the integrated Touch Sense buttons.
  • The cover with special glass not only ensures optimum transmission of all wafelengths generated in the luminaire, but also offers the best possible protection of the power electronix and LEDs against contamination, moisture and mechanical damage.
  • SciTronix uses only high-power LEDs with the highest available flux bins from well-known manufacturers such as Cree.
  • The control electronics of the Lumeolux Discus has been implemented with passive and active components of the latest generation in order to be able to build on the highest reliability and efficiency.

Application area

  • Illumination of high quality and sophisticated plants
  • light / plant research
  • for production of active plant ingredients in indoor operation
  • Algal research


  • newest LED technology
  • correct light spectrum validated scientifically
  • high efficient lighting for plants
  • connectable via WLAN

content of delivery

  • lamp
  • power supply
  • hanging kit
  • manual
  • power cable

Technical data:

external network adapter
input voltage90 bis 264VAC; 127 bis 370 VDC
Output voltage:24 V
power consumption:300W
frequency:47 until 63 Hz
optical data:
Amount of LEDs:105
beam angle:120 degrees
environmental data:
Operating temperature:0 until 50°C
rel. Humidity:10 to 90% not condensing
Type of connection:WLAN
Operating modes:Standalone (Offline without WLAN) , grouped (WLAN) and single
APPAndroid APP, Windows, will be extended
Operating temperature:0 until 50°C
rel. Humidity:10 to 90% not condensing
mechanical data
Housing material:Aluminum, Polycarbonate
Housing color:Black
IP-Class: IP20 (elektronic IP40)
Ventilation system4x Silenx fans 14dbm
Power cable length:1,80m

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