VERTEX Illumilux 

The Illumilux Vertex LED lamp is perfect for medium light requirements in small and medium-sized aquariums as well as fish, corals or algae refuge for seawater as well as for freshwater aquariums.

When designing the Illumilux LED luminaire, one question was first in focus: What changes need to be made in order to reduce the current LED technology to the essentials and still make it more efficient and powerful? The answer was to focus and elaborate on three core elements:

  • The use of Cree LEDs, the most efficient LEDs in the industry.

  • A robust housing made of anodized aluminum, which acts as a unique heat sink due to its design.
  • A modular structure ensures that individual Illumilux bars can be adapted to any shape and size of an aquarium through the connection of individual Illumilux bars.

With these features in mind, SciTronix has next attached great importance to the aesthetics of the product. Due to the great popularity of the Illumina and the demand for sophisticated, elegant products, the Illumilux is the answer: balanced, structured and complete.

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Exclusive features:


One platform–multiple-functionality. Can be used as a primary or supplemental source of lighting to add shimmer and color to fresh or saltwater displays.

Six color combinations:
Illumilux Marino Blu 50/50 Royal Blue(450nm) – Blue(470nm)
Illumilux Marino Bianco 50/50 Royal Blue(450nm) – White(7000K)
Illumilux Marino Sole Cool White (6000k 10.000k)
Illumilux Dolce Bianco All White(7000K)
Illumilux Dolce Rosso 50/50 Red(620nm) – White(7000K)
IIlumilux Dolce Sole 50/50 Neutral-White-(5000k) and Cool White (10.000k)

Expandable, modular design allowing full user flexibility.

Individual beams can be network in any shape and configuration using PCB connective fittings.

Each beam is only 2 ¾” wide and 1⅜” thick.. (7cm wide x 3cm thick).

Fully upgradable LED boards can be swapped out with no wiring or soldering.

6 Cree XPE LEDs per 300mm/1‘, each LED operating at 750 mA/~2.5W.

Less than 17 W of electricity consumption per foot

Expected LED life time 60,000 hours @ 125 degree core diode temperature (Per Manufacturer).

Available in 90-270 V / 50-60Hz.

Can be mounted (Tank Bracket Accessory) or suspended (Hanging Kit).

Mean Well Netzteile – certified nach UL / CSA / TÜV / PSE / EMC / ETL / GS.

CE, EMC and RoHS certified.

Designed and manufactured by SciTronix GmbH – Made in Austria

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